Garden Stuff

After being out of action for best part of a week due to the Denosumab injection after-effects I’m feeling a lot better today. This is good as there’s a whole lot of stuff to get done in the garden!

Before the injection Kevin helped me remove what felt like several acres of nettles who were organising a military coup on the garden … they’re now resting and recycling in the compost! He also made another huge fire-pile which we must burn when it’s dry. This is Kevin being an Ent!

Kevin as Ent

And I got the border in the new orchard cleared, a bin-full of made-compost on it, and the summer bulbs replanted. I’ve ordered a lot of lavender and sage plants to go in there – it’s south-facing and against a wall so ideal for Mediterranean herbs.

I also managed to get the last of the raised beds cleared ready (if very late!) for the salad sowings. Then it was last Tuesday … and the Denosumab kicked in making me feel washed-out, chilly and fluey :-(. Add in it decided to blow gales over the garden for several days and there was quite a lot of rain and I went to hide indoors. Today looks good though so I’ll be out there soon.

Jobs to do, but not all today I think …
• Rake raised bed
• Sow salad
• Fix rabbit-wire around raised bed so bunnies can’t eat my salad!
• Finish putting compost on orchard border
• Transplant oxeye daisies, campions and feverfew to wildflower meadows
• Fill in holes in lawn where I took oxeye daises and reseed
• Find more lungwort and lady’s mantle seedlings for border and round bed
Eeeek! That looks like enough to keep me going for ages!

I intend to do the first 3 on the list today and, hopefully, some transplanting tomorrow as the weather’s supposed to clear by mid-morning.

Gardens are a continuous work-in-progress LOL 🙂