1 – The Spray Preparations

The Spray Preparations are both made in cow’s horns and so also called the “horn preps”. They are the basics of direct work with the soil and the plants themselves.

Horn manure – Preparation  500 – This is fresh cow manure prepared in a cow’s horn over the winter: it improves the soil. It enlivens the soil, increasing the microflora and mycorhyza so increasing the availability of nutrients, water and trace elements and making them available to the plants. This availability is the key to plant growth. There may be lots of nutrients in the soil but if the plant can’t absorb them then they might as well not be there, the plant starves. Prep 500 also helps rootgrowth, in particular the fine root hairs that are essential for the plant to take up water and nutrients. It also helps and increases humus formation of the soil itself, as well as improving the soil’s structure and water holding capacity.

Horn silica – Preparation 501 –  This is crushed quartz silica prepared in a cow’s horn over the summer: it helps fine tune cultivation, bringing leaves, flowers and fruits to their full potential. It is applied to the plants, not the soil, and helps the plant to come to its full potential – such as a flower, tree, fruit or vegetable – and so have better form, colour, aroma, flavour and, for vegetable and fruit, better nutritional quality. It must be used carefully in time with the star calendar and on the relevant plants only or you will get some effects you didn’t want.

Less is More …

You need only a very small amount of either prep. For the horn manure, a piece about the size of your thumb-joint stirred into an ordinary household-size plastic bucket of water will do the whole of the average town garden. For horn silica, a quarter of a teaspoon in half a bucket of water will be more than enough for most people’s veg and flowers. It really is a case of less-is-more.

The preparations are not fertilisers to be sprayed onto the ground in great quantities. As you’ll see shortly, you actually flick droplets onto the soil or plants with a large wallpaper brush or spray them with a plant sprayer. Using the brush may make you feel a bit silly at first if your neighbours spy you but you really won’t care when you’re munching those delicious raspberries or vegetables, or enjoying the beautiful, healthy flowers.

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