0 – What is Biodynamics?

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The new edition of my book – Gardening with the Moon & Stars – is coming out on 29th May 2015 from Earth Books (John Hunt Publishing) And it’s available for pre-order now at Amazon

In the book I say gardening biodynamically is “Organics with Oooomph!” Biodynamics is about using a set of 8 preparations made from vegetable, herbal, animal and mineral compounds to enhance both the soil and the plants.

It’s also about working in harmony with Nature rather than trying to force nature to conform to some human idea. It’s about learning more of how she works – after all she’s been at it a lot longer than there’s been humans around

Archaeologists estimate that Homo sapiens evolved between 400,000 and 250,000 years ago – a mere spit in terms of the age of the Earth which they think to be four and a half billion years old. So Mother Earth has lived eleven thousand, two hundred and fifty times as long as there have been humans on the planet … a mind-boggling thought! She knows her job of weaving the strands of Life together rather better than we do!

Biodynamics seems to me to be the way forward for modern, sustainable gardening and agriculture. It doesn’t strip the earth of her natural resources in efforts to force things to happen but works with nature, using naturally produced homoeopathic-like preparations to enhance the natural ecosystem in ways that help gardeners and farmers make the most of their land, animals and plants. It also works with the natural rhythms of the earth and moon, the solar system and the stars, that create our growing seasons.