2 – Compost Preps

The compost preps help the dynamic cycles of the macro- and micro- flora and fauna in the compost heap, so increasing the nutrients formed in the composting process as well as its structure and water-holding capacity.

502 – Yarrow Achillea millefolium– helps the potassium and sulphur processes of the soil; helps replenish soil grown tired through many years of cultivation. The country name is “Venus Eyebrow”, the seed looks a bit like an eyebrow, hence the country name.

503 – Chamomile Chamomilla metrecaria recutita – helps the living calcium processes stabilize plant nutrients; damps down excessive fermentation and invigorates plant growth.

504 – Nettle Urtica dioica – makes iron available and helps to stabilize nitrogen.

505 – Oak bark Quercus robur – rich in calcium, wards off diseases and fungal attacks.

506 – Dandelion Taraxacum officianale – helps the living silica processes; it helps the natural interrelationships like the mycorhyza become fully effective. The plant’s country name is “Lion Tooth”, a corruption of the French dent de lion meaning lion’s tooth.

507 – Valerian Valeriana officianalis – helps make phosphorous available. Earthworms love it. Used with Prep 500 it draws worms into the garden and helps them reproduce well.