Cows & Buttercups

Cows & Buttercups

  • Biodynamics is about using the 8 preparations – putting them on the land.
  • The 8 Preps are the corner-stone of biodynamics

Horn manure: horn silica: chamomile: dandelion: nettle: oak bark: valerian: yarrow.

You use them in conjunction with the Star Calendar. This came later, largely through the dedicated and painstaking research of Maria Thun, and is invaluable in helping fine-tune the work, but it’s the Preps themselves that are fundamental. To work biodynamically is about actually getting the preps on the ground, on the plants and in the compost heap. When added to good organic practice they increase soil and plant health, and vitality, enhance colour, form, fragrance and flavour as well as helping plants resist pests and diseases. See more on these pages …

Biodynamics is easy … I want to emphasise this. And it doesn’t mean you have to spend many, many hours making strange preparations or spend loads of money. You can buy all the preparations, ready to use, from your local or national biodynamic association – see Contacts for a list of these. You can also buy a star calendar to show you when to do what. The cost for the calendar and a year’s supply of preps is likely to be under £25 – that’s less than 50p a week.

I say “biodynamics is organics with oomph !!!”. The oomph is what we add through the Preparations. They are fundamental to biodynamics and used in conjunction with, not instead of, good established organic practice.