Wildlife Garden

Since 2015 I’ve been transforming the garden here at Archenland from growing veggies to a complete wildlife garden. I’m somewhat ancient now and fairly decrepit so growing veg is no longer an option, I do still grow fruit – apples, cherries, gages, hedgerow berries, strawberries, blackberries and my ult fave raspberries :-). It’s been a big change in lots of ways, and all for the better. I’ve always been the sort of person who works-with the land rather than imposing my will on it and trying to make it do what I want rather than discovering what it does best. for me, that’s a major principle of biodynamics although I know not all BD folk agree with that. I also work the garden in a permaculture way, never done any training in it because it’s always been a PhD in the bleedin’ obvious (LOL) if you take the time to learn what plants want/need, and the soil too.

So the change was begun by sitting in the garden and chatting with its spirit-of-place (SOP). We’ve always got on well as I began the garden by sitting with the SOP, discussing what I would like and asking her how she felt about that and if it fitted with what she needed. That’s how the garden got its basic structure. That structure hasn’t really changed but the plants that now grow in each of the “rooms” has. The SOP liked the idea of change and has led me through the process over the past 3 years – and it ain’t finished yet :-). as part of the blog I’ll gradually write up what we’ve done, what happened and how it’s working now. Here are some pix of the beginnings – and I’ve got a new gardener now too, Kevin Ashby.