Daisy, Daisy … 19th Sep

ox-eye daisiesDaisy, Daisy, give me your answer do …

Today was daisy-day. I love Ox-eye daisies but you really can have too much of a good thing! This summer the lilac garden was completely awash with them, a real “white garden” and definitely OTT so there has been a cull. Originally the Lilac garden had a circular central lawn that has had a Troy Town labyrinth in the grass – and may well again – but then the daisies took over. No grass! And they invaded the beds all around the lawn too. Don’t mind that so much although I am thinning them out but really …

Anyway Kev spent most of the day – when not floating in the new Moorhen Island – in removing them. Some are being transplanted, especially in hot areas as they do well there, but a lot have gone to the compost bin to go back  to their constituent atoms and become soil for new things. Gardening, compost making, is an excellent way to get a good gut feeling about what happens in recycling.

He cleared the daisies, and a few weeds, sorted the soil and got it all ready for me. The next day Storm Ali tipped all over us – and blew like hell too! – which really watered the ground and made it perfect for sowing. On the weekend the grass seed arrived – tough stuff that can handle hot and dry! – and I sowed it right before the next huge downpour from Storm Bronagh. So, thank you weather, between us we got it just right to help the grass germinate.

I’ve covered it so the birds don’t feast on it and the rabbits don’t dig holes in it – sigh! – so it looks pretty rubbish at the moment. Pic taken from my bedroom window as you can’t get any idea of it from ground level. It should be up (germinated) in a week or three. It’s warm still, and damp, out there, good conditions for germinating. If you can sow grass in the early autumn it’s the best time and you’ll get a better lawn from the roots working over the winter.