Hedge Laying & Slashers !!!

hedge slasherArrrrggghhh !!! It’s one of the worst mornings of the year for me, the time when the bloody farmer sends the hedge slasher round to scalp the hedge around my garden! The pic is not my garden, we manage to keep the hedges twice that height, but it’s what the silly bugger does to all the rest of them … “got to be neat and tidy” Arrrrggghhh !!! It ruins the hedge – for growth, wildlife, ecosystem. It even makes sure he getes more pests on his arable crops! And all for what? Something else that really needs to stop happening.

This is how I was taught to make and keep a hedge …

Because the Devon hedge is built on an earthen bank it provides a wonderful habitat for an enormous number of species – birds, insects and animals too. It also provides a solid weather-proof shelter for stock and keeps stock out of fields where you may be growing arable crops too. Why don’t more farmers use them? they don’t know what they are and, even more importantly, you can’t make or maintain these with that wretched slasher machine. You need people, skilled people, to do this, and most farmers just will not spend their money on this kind of excellent long-term maintenance. Add in that most people are far more interested in “cheap food” than in maintaining ecosystems and you have this horrible vicious circle. People so desperately need to change.

So our wildlife gradually goes extinct … because we take away its habitat. Arrrrggghhh !!!