8 Big Lessons from a Biodynamic Dairy Farm – Homemade, Healthy, Happy

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Earlier this year, Tyler and I went to visit and help out at Marrook Farm – a biodynamic dairy farm on the Bulga Plateau in NSW, home to a small herd of gorgeous dairy cows and the most incredible yoghurts and cheeses made on site from their milk. David and Heidi are incredibly passionate about creating good food and nourishing the land, and they work very hard to achieve this on their farm. There are two milkings every day (cows don’t take holidays!), yoghurt-making days, cheese-making days, order packing days, there are fences to be built/moved, cows to be moved, silage to be made, cow horns to be filled and buried, pasture to be tended to, and quite a lot more that I have yet to learn about. The Marrook Farm herd is a true reflection of David & Heidi’s hard work and dedication, as are their pastures and their products. I plan on sharing our experiences from that first visit (yes, of course we have been back since then!) with you all, to provide a window into life on a biodynamic dairy farm. But before I share my daily dairy diary, I want to share with you all just a sample of the things I learnt while I was at Marrook Farm.

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