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Campanula poscharskyana

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Biodynamics has always known the vital importance of bees and I try to make my garden as bee friendly – indeed wildlife – friendly as possible. The Bumblebee Conservation Trust comes out with some excellent little tips about flowers for bees.

Our bee-friendly plant of the month is campanula (sometimes known as ‘Bellflower’).

With dozens of species in cultivation, you’re sure to find a campanula to suit your garden. Some of the trailing kinds such as Campanula poscharskyana do really well in hanging baskets or pots, producing mounds of blue flowers in summer. Others produce larger flowers on upright stems, and Campanula persicifolia and Campanula lactiflora make a real statement in borders.

Plants to try: Campanula poscharskyana, Campanula persicifolia and Campanula lactiflora.

Don’t forget that you can score your garden for its bee-friendliness and get a tailored list of plants that you might want to add by visiting our Bee kind tool.

via Bumblebee news – July enews from BBCT

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