Yesterday I saw a Comma …


Yesterday I saw a Comma in the garden – the first of this year. Do hope there’ll be more. It’s ragged wing edges are so obvious it’s an easy one to spot. The wing undersides are brown with a white mark shaped like a comma – hence its name. It was on a Common Nettle (Urtica dioica) – telling me what more of my work must be today! While I’ll keep some nettles for the Commas I need less in the garden as they’re strangling other plants. The Comma also uses Hop (Humulus lupulus), elms (Ulmus spp.), currants (Ribes spp.), and Willows (Salix spp) – I’ve got willow and currants in the garden, and a special place for the nettles :-), so they’ll do all right.

comma underwing

via Butterfly Conservation – Comma.