Rabbit Gardening – more

A while back I did several posts about the rabbits. My cats have said they’re now retired, too old and don’t have enough teeth to catch rabbits any more :/. This means I’m having to reorganise the garden to accommodate both me and the rabbis! I’m getting there and it actually has some interesting benefits.


This picture shows the grass full of daisies and buttercups … I love this! And it’s come about because of the rabbits 🙂

Every year, up to now, I’ve had to mow the lawn otherwise we’d be wading through the grass at waist height. This year I’ve not yet had to mow the lawn because I’ve a small army of furry mowers who’re doing it for me. And … they mow the grass but not the flowers. I could never do that, not without crawling around with a pair of scissors! So I’m pretty pleased about this.

I do have to protect plants that I want to grow that the rabbits like to munch and I’m gradually learning which these are. One that I hadn’t realised and am quite cross with them for – my stipa gigantea, the oat grass! the little so-n-sos like the fresh green shoots (of course!) of what should have been the beautiful oat grass flowers! I’ve got them covered now and hope they’ll regrow.

Another problem is that there are some area where I want the grass to grow long, remember the pictures from last year …

wildflower meadows 1

I want these again this year so I’ve wired off and protected a couple of areas.

I’ve discovered some of the plants that I want the rabbits don’t like – oxeye daisies for instance so I must get on with transplanting those Monday or Tuesday. They’re both flower days so will be extra good for doing this 🙂

The rabbits and I are getting it together 🙂