Garden Twine Made From Dartmoor wool…

Garden Twine Made From Dartmoor wool…

I just saw this in an email from the NGS (National Gardens Scheme) and it sounds like a very good idea …

Garden twine to a gardener is like salt and pepper to a cook, it’s a familiar and essential product used regularly with very little thought given to its origin.

Super sustainable twool twine is a British wool alternative to imported jute twine made from the ‘lustre’ long wool of the Rare Breed Whiteface Dartmoor sheep. Indigenous to Dartmoor, farmed on Duchy land and one of Britain’s most ancient breeds, the Whiteface is an important part of Devon and Britain’s heritage.

Working closely with Devon-based textile designer and manufacturer John Arbon, we have designed Twool using traditional, specialised spinning methods to produce a practical, versatile product of which we are very proud. From this base product we have worked with our historic dyer, spooler, rope maker and weaver to bring together a truly British heritage product with British manufacturing and raw materials at its heart.

There are many different processes involved in manufacturing our lovely Twool twine, rope and cloth. It has taken over two years to find and put in place all the relevant skilled British companies to each provide their all important expertise to the process. Whether you’re binding bean poles or tying tomatoes, herbaceous or climbing plants versatile twool twine is soft, springy and kind to plants, exceptionally strong and long lasting making it perfect for traditional garden use. Twool is also biodegradable and because it is made from wool, releases nitrogen as it degrades helping to improve soil.

Here at twool HQ we love the NGS and what it represents, from all the hard work and enthusiasm put in by all those gardeners opening their gardens, to the generosity of the garden visitors supporting the scheme! We felt we would like to add our support to this wonderful charity so have partnered with the NGS to offer you a 10% discount on all products purchased through our website

A further percentage of all sales raised is also given back to the charity when you use promo code NGS10 to add to their donations.