Sowing …

Well, I managed to do all the jobs I set myself yesterday 🙂

I sowed more peas and broad beans in the first raised bed, and saladini, lollo rosso, lollo bionda, red salad bowl and rocket in the third raised bed. I also put rabbit wire round the third bed so all three are now safe from rabbits.

It was a root day yesterday so this was very good for sowing … sowing anything. All our veg plants have roots so all benefit from being sown on root days. It’s the next best thing to sowing them on their own day. In this case the best day for sowing the peas and beans would have been a fruit day as they’re both fruits, and the best day for the salads would have been a leaf day. But that wasn’t possible so I did the next best thing :-). And I sowed in the afternoon, when the energy is being pulled down into the earth to help the roots – it all helps give the seeds the best chance.

I also managed to give all three raised beds a spray with cow-pat-pit which will give them an extra boost.

The light will be changing in  20 days time, at midsummer. After that there will gradually be less and less light each day until it changes back again at midwinter and the plants, the seeds, know this! Germination works much more easily between spring equinox and midsummer, indeed it works pretty well during the six months from midwinter to midsummer. It doesn’t work so easily from midsummer to autumn equinox and it gives up pretty well from autumn to midwinter. So I’m glad to have got those veg in with a few weeks to spare for them to germinate 🙂

Here’s some pix of the beds …


Salad bed – all wired up


Peas & beans bed


beans & peas