Rabbit netting !!!



The garden  looks a bit weird now I’ve put rabbit netting around some areas and a couple of beds but I think it’ll work. The bottom pic is an area that’s wildflower and long grass … well it will be now the rabbits can’t nibble it. I’ve  more areas like this to do.

I also wired round 2 of the veg beds – the pea and bean bed, that’s the nearest one; and the spinach and carrot bed, the further one. I sowed the carrots  and spinach in that one too – half right as it’s a leaf then fruit day today and carrots are roots! But I sowed in the afternoon and it’s in the northern planting time so that’s 2/3rds right ☺.

They say it will rain tomorrow so don’t know if I’ll be able to do more. Working with wire netting is hard and I don’t fancy doing it in the pouring rain! I’m getting there though and that feels good 🙂