More Spring Cleaning …

More massive spring cleaning yesterday of overgrown shrubs and a place that had become a total tangle. It’s now open and breathing again and the trees have been heavily pruned so they should sprout up new good growth and feel much better. the difference in the feel of the place, the openness, light and air, was marvellous to Kevin and I as we worked.

Many, many thanks to Kevin, I couldn’t have done the job without him. I’m able to do a lot of the pruning but carrying half a tree down to the field is way beyond me nowadays. Kevin carried all the dead wood down to the bonfire which is now some 10 feet high!he also pruned some of the really thick branches.

I rediscovered 3 lovely roses who were still well alive but struggling to find light and air. They should be much better in a few weeks as good buds were already forming much lower down their stems.

Have to do some work with cow-pat-pit today, and maybe even a 500 stirring as it’s a root day, to help the trees through the shock of heavy pruning. They wanted it and are happy but some help would be very good too.

Today looks to be dry so I’ll probably set light to it later on. the wood wasn’t worth saving for the woodburner and we already have a huge pile of that so it’s going for ash. Anyone make soap wanting it? 🙂

I’ll put up pix later 🙂