Spring Cleaning !!!

I just went mad and bought a load of summer/autumn flowering bulbs!

20150430_093003[1]Jo and I have been having a right old go at areas of the garden that haven’t been cared for over the past couple of years, giving lots of TLC. Well perhaps not exactly tender! We’ve been pruning trees and shrubs that are vastly overgrown, far too crammed by other stuff and in desperate need of their own space. In consequence there are HUGE piles of wood that need to be hauled out into the field and a good bonfire made … with wild boar sausages and baked spuds in the embers :-). Fortunately I have another friend coming this weekend to do that.

We also cleared a massive rain-forest of nettles! So I also need to set up a couple more compost bins to process them.20150430_092943[1]

All this work is leaving space … and gardens abhor vacuums as much as any other form of nature does! If I don’t plant stuff nature will do it for me and she will likely choose nettles and thistles as the easiest option and to teach me to buck up and get on with it LOL. Hence the summer and autumn flowering bulbs.

I have some lovely yellow and red flowered dead nettle which grows apace and has variegated leaves, very attractive, and does a grand job of ground cover so I shall encourage that to grow over and around the bulbs in the new nettle-free spaces.

I’m seriously pleased with all our work over the past months … Jo is helping me bring the garden back to the good life 🙂

The bulbs I’ve bought are …
• Liatris
• Freesia
• Anemone blanda
• Ixias
• Sparaxis
• Anemone De Caen
• Triteleia Queen Fabiola
• Anemone Mr Fokker
• Bessera Elegans
• Galtonia (Cape Hyacinths)
• Polianthes Tuberosa The Pearl

And I got myself some more Lavender Hidcote … you can never have too much lavender!