Britain’s favourite wildflower …

The Nations Navourite Wildflower Vote

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I enjoyed voting for Britain’s favourite bird – mine was Robin 🙂 – now Plantlife are giving us the chance to vote for our favourite wildflower. Mine is Primrose. Seeing banks and hedgerows full of them in the spring, as I just have down on Dartmoor and Exmoor, always thrills me right down to my socks :-).

I’m gradually increasing the primroses in the garden too, along with cowslips, dog-tooth violets, fritillary, viper’s bugloss, meadow cranesbill and campion. I have trouble with bluebells at the moment as somebody let the Spanish ones into he garden before I came here! If I bring our natives in the Spaniards will cross-breed and likely knock them out so I should dig out the Spanish ones and compost them. I always find it rather hard to scrap plants though! The rabbits are actually helping with this as they’re digging out a lot of them *rolls eyes!*. Been doing more rabbit-plant research so more on this shortly 🙂