Planting Naturalistic Polycultures in the Vegetable Garden | Permaculture Magazine

I really enjoy this article by Maddy Harland, editor of Permaculture Magazine. Our garden is something similar as i too love the riotous colour rather than the wretched serried rows of plants standing to attention in lonely isolation from their friends.:-). In my experience it seriously helps with both pollination and pest control – largely by natural beasites and birds, as nature intended and less hard work for me. and the birds and beasts get their grub too.


Maddy’s garden

Maddy says … “What has resulted is a riotous polyculture which is low maintenance, seems to robustly cope with hail and late frosts in May after unseasonal warmth in March and heavy rains in April. It is entirely organic, vibrantly healthy (we just have to net out the cabbage white from our greens) and it has a feeling of wildness that I love.”

I love that too …

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