Are buzzier, bee-friendly gardens better for all of us? – Telegraph

Fortunately I was sitting down when I found this article or I might just have collapsed with shock! The government, and that incredible example of womanhood Liz Truss, actually telling gardeners to grow their gardens to help bees ??? It did require a pot of Lapsang and a bit of blogging to get myself over the surprise :-). Anyway, here it is for your delectation … there are actually some good ideas here. AND if you decide to do some of them I’ll be putting up some blogs soon on how using prep 501 – the horn silica – can help things along.


The unusual Government pronouncement was issued by Liz Truss, the Environment Secretary, as part of a National Pollinator Strategy.

The five-year plan aims to stop the decline in bees, butterflies and other insects across England by ensuring more nectar and pollen is available all year round. Ms Truss said this means not only planting wildflowers everywhere – even alongside motorways and on roofs – but allowing weeds like dandelions and nettles to grow on the lawn. “I have to confess that not mowing your lawn so often is one piece of advice that I have no problem following,” she added.

Environmentalists welcomed the document but criticised the Government for failing to be tougher on the need to cut down on the pesticides blamed for killing bees. Gardening organisations said most of their members are already planting wildflowers to be more bee-friendly – but may be nervous of giving up the traditional English lawn just yet. …

via Are buzzier, bee-friendly gardens better for all of us? – Telegraph.