Quick new bed …

Digging 1

Paul doing a “quick bed”

A thought … It may be you’re thinking “where can I grow that?” about something-or-other. there’s no space, all the beds are full or about to be, what can you do? Can you spare a bit of lawn, like a strip maybe 18″ by however long? If so slice off the turf with a spade – give yourself a depth of 3-4″ – and turn it upside-down in the strip.

Give it dose of prep 500, or cow-pat-pit if you can’t manage a whole hour of stirring or the day isn’t a root day – remember, you can use cow-pat-pit 24/7 365 :-).

Cover it with some compost and a bit of well rotted manure if you have it, then cover the whole with a piece of old carpet or a length of permeable plastic (permeable because you need the water to get in) and leave it for a month while you get on with all the other jobs! You want to keep it dark to discourage weed growth.

At the end of the month have a look … bet you’re surprised at the good soil underneath :-). You can plant anything in the new quick bed but remember if you’re planting veg or young plants to grow on then you may well need to give some extra feed. You also need to keep the weeds down around young plants as they just don’t have the strength and stamina to compete for food and water with weeds.

Weeds are seriously successful plants. They can also be a bit thuggish around our little darlings so hoik them out and put them in the compost … the hotter the compost bin the better as the heat kills them off and sends them back to being good garden soil.

Veg 2Grass, turf, makes the very best topsoil … it’s what I used when we began this garden back in 2000. I still use all my bed-edgings in stacks to make more topsoil, gardeners never have enough :-). You make it better and quicker if you use prep 500 on it and/or cow-pat-pit. This pic shows the huge piles of topsoil I made to set off our veg beds …

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