April | Jo Ward-Ellison Gardens

Raspberries_(Rubus_Idaeus)My! April is a busy month … and here’s me going off o holiday wildcamping on Dartmoor and Exmoor for a week, leaving Paul in charge! I especially Jo’s advice with regard to climbing roses and how to get more flowers … this works for raspberry canes too and I must get out there to finish doing mine. I love both raspberries and roses (you can eat rose petals you know?) so lots of flowers and lots of fruit is uber-good for me 🙂

Jo Ward-Ellison’s Jobs in the garden in April include:

  • Sow lawn seed – it’s the time to sow new lawns or repair bare patches on existing ones.
  • Keep on top of weeding – it will pay dividends later in the year – you may even ‘earn’ yourself the opportunity to sit and relax in the garden in the months to come as you will have less weeding to do!
  • david-austin-rosesTie in the new shoots of climbing and rambling roses – keeping the shoots as near to horizontal as possible – this restricts sap flow causing more side-shoots to grow along the length of stem and therefore, as a result, more flowers will be produced.

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