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Good tips on plants to grow for moths …

Butterfly Conservation – Dig It – April Tips From The Secret Gardener

hummingbird hawkmoth on-red-valerianYou need to do some work in the garden soon if you want to take part in Moth Night 2015.

This year the annual celebration of moths and moth recording will take place on three nights from Thu 10 to Sat 12 Sep. The theme this time is migration, as autumn offers the best chance to encounter rare moths from overseas when the warm winds in September bring moths streaming to our shores from hotter parts of Europe and even Africa.

One of the things people are being asked to do for Moth Night is to look for the spectacular convolvulus-hawk-mothConvolvulus Hawk-moth, which is a large species with a wingspan of over 10cm. The moth is an annual migrant to the UK from southern Europe and North Africa with influxes peaking in September. It hovers in front of garden flowers to drink their nectar and can be spotted at dusk. The most effective plant to attract this moth is the Tobacco Plant Nicotiana ‘Sensation Mixed’. There are other species of Nicotiana which are attractive to UK moths but not to the Convolvulus Hawk-moth.

via Butterfly Conservation – Dig It – April Tips From The Secret Gardener.