Ostara Bunny and garden design !!!

Baby BunnyThis little sweetheart is causing me all sorts of problems and has initiated serious changes in the way I work! I think s/he is adorable, but she and her older relatives are a complete pain in the garden … they eat plants I like, both flowers and veg. It’s impossible to successfully fence the garden without spending a real fortune, like thousands of pounds, as it’s quite large and there are warrens everywhere that extend under our garden. the rabbits have been herre for millennia, definitely my elder brethren! So, as the old saying goes, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em 🙂

Lots of research happening here on what bunnies do NOT like to eat … then I’ll be planting those plants. The veg beds can be protected and are but I’ve not fenced my herb beds and now it looks like i need to if i want any chives for instance! Another thing to do is help the perennials to grow big, once they’re big enough the bunnies won’t eat them. herbaceous plants are difficult here because, of course, they die down over the winter and then are wee, small and tasty come the spring :/ :-). I’m currently dealing with that by using fleece netting over the youngsters but it’s seriously not pretty so am working on what else to do and wondering about using thorny prunings … we’ll see.

Anyway, watch this space as I’ll be putting up posts of my rabbit-antics fairly regularly.  And here’s a bunch of bunny-pix to make you smile 🙂