5 Apr Gardening :-)

Did lots today … cleared the paving in the Alchemy garden and made the bed for the 3 big hedging roses Hyde Hall from David Austin. .Hyde Hall rose It’s a really beautiful pink rose with a delicate warm and fruity fragrance. It flowers almost continuously and its foliage is like a Dog Rose and iIt grows to 7 or 8 ft. high as well as being really tough and disease-resistant. Everything I want for a rose boundary hedge there.

In the rest periods – I need those! – I so enjoyed watching the robin. He was my constant companion and really enjoyed my digging work … lots of bugs and worms! I managed to get a couple of shots of him, even one while he was singing :-).

I planted the 3 Old Blush China roses – it’s probably my favourite rose and flowers continuously from May through Oct/Nov and has a beautiful scent. I put them by the path so we can smell them whenever we pass. They, like all the roses have been netted because the rabbis gnaw the stems to get the young buds for food.

More work tomorrow … planting the Hyde Halls and the peas and beans I sowed earlier. I’ve got to get the veg bed ready for them tomorrow morning.