Butterfly Conservation – Easter Eggs

Lovely fun article … makes a good alternative to the usual hunt for chocolate eggs 🙂

BH Egg


Every one of the beautiful butterflies that grace our gardens and countryside during the year began life as an egg. So while butterfly eggs may lack the glamour of adult butterflies, they are an essential part of the life cycle; no eggs, no butterflies.

In a few cases, eggs represent a good opportunity to record the presence of butterfly species. Brown Hairstreak, for example, is elusive as an adult butterfly lurking in the canopy of trees and shrubs, but its tiny white eggs, dimpled like miniature golf balls, are relatively easy to spot against the smooth, dark bark of Blackthorn twigs in the winter. Similarly, vase-shaped Orange-tip eggs are simple to find beneath the flower heads of Cuckooflower and Garlic Mustard in the spring. With a little practise, eggs of Northern Brown Argus and Small Blue can be located on their foodplants, meaning that colonies can be checked even if the weather conditions aren’t good enough for butterflies to be on the wing. And, of course, all keen vegetable growers are familiar with the batches of yellow, skittle-like eggs laid by the Large (‘cabbage’) White.

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