April: A Walk Through A Year In The English Countryside

Oh! You just have to read this! Do go out this holiday weekend and enjoy the lovely springtime country …

April: A Walk Through A Year In The English Countryside


Primroses ©sarahNet Ltd

Peeping out timidly from beneath the layer of rotting leaves appear the delicate faces of pale yellow primroses. The tall stems of the cowslip push their way through the protective bed of leaves to rise majestically above the mound of green. Forsythia bursting into a beacon of yellow stars as its flowers open all at once it seems and yellow is everywhere. Yellow, the colour of friendship, happiness and sunshine and there hangs in the air a promise of the halcyon days of Summer to come.

I cycle lazily through the village lanes and decide to stop by the banks of the river Test. I leave my bike and walk a while, drawn to follow the flow of the river and as I walk a pair of ducks paddle beside me curious of my intrusion. There is movement ahead and a swan appears gliding gracefully out from amongst the rushes as if leading the parade. And on the other side of the bank stands the stately silhouette of a Heron, perfectly still, waiting.

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