Wild Winds !!!

pea seedling

Wild winds and the best laid plans of mice and men … well me! … all gone astray.

I was hoping to get the first lot of peas and beans transplanted to the raised beds yesterday, it being a fruit day and so good for working with them, but trying to get round the corner of the house in those winds was impossible. Carrying trays of well grown plants (they’re about a foot high now) as well would have been disastrous! So … it didn’t happen.

Today looks a bit less windy – so far – but it’s also our 41st anniversary and Paul is taking me out to lunch so I can’t really see me doing it today either. Like all sowing and transplanting work, it’s best done in the afternoon. For us now on BST (British summer time) that means after 1pm, not 12 noon, as it’s not “afternoon” as far as the Earth and the Sun and the Moon are concerned until then! Afternoon is the time when the goodness is drawing down into the soil hence it’s good for the roots of young plants that are just being moved from a pot to a big bed. Their roots do get disturbed when you transplant, however careful you are, and soil will feel different to them, and the mycorrhiza in the bed have to connect up to the roots of the young plants. It’s all a bit of a shock so worthwhile doing all you can to help them along which is why I do transplanting in the afternoons, on the relevant day for the plant like fruit-day for peas and beans, and in the northern planting time for me here in Britain.

All is not lost though. Tomorrow is another fruit-day in the northern planting time and the weather might just be OK … here’s hoping 

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