BD & Rough Grassland

As the Barn Owl Trust say we need lots more of this rough grassland habitat and … maybe surprisingly to some … biodynamics really does help!

People often seen to think biodynamics is some sort of fertiliser, like the chemical ones only not, or like putting seaweed or comfrey or manure and such on the land. It isn’t! It’s much more like homeopathy in that it works with the land (read patient for homeopathy) as a whole and encourages, helps, the land to be what it needs to be. So where rough grassland is needed this is what it helps the land to be. I know, I’ve done this myself!

Of course, this doesn’t make sense to many academics and people stuck in a “what-we-already-know” science box. How can a drop of water with a miniscule bit of horn manure prep in it know and work with the land. Come to that, how can the land know. It’s inannimate, isn’t it? Works automatically … clockwork or whatever ???

Errrmmm … well, you know, I never manage to understand this sort of science! My husband, Paul, worked at the Rutherford-Appleton Labs in Oxfordshire way back in the 1960s just before they got going with CERN, in fact he nearly ended up there so I’ve had top quality experimental science over the breakfast table for the past 41 years :-). The folks at Rutherford/Harwell, like those at CERN, don’t go into their science with a bunch of preconceptions. They’re not like Cinderella’s ugly sisters, chopping off bits of heel and toe to make the experiment fit their glass slipper preconceptions, and so win the love of the prince! One experiement Paul was involved in caused the leader to say at the end of the experiment, “Well, the only way to explain that is a particle going backwards in time”. Now that, to me, is science. Refusing to believe something because you’ve never seen it before and can’t get your head around it is rubbish and stupid!

One of the best scientists of the 20th century, James Lovelock, discovered, enabled, wrote up, the Gaia Principle back in 1974. I read it then and was astounded and eelighted that he’d done it. He got crap from most of the rest of the scientific community, and still does, so he went off and has been doing his own work with his own funding ever since. And well done to you Dr Lovelock. Every prediction he’s made has come true, making many “scientists” grumpy :-). Lovelock’s concept, of the Earth to form a self-regulating, complex system that contributes to maintaining the conditions for life on the planet allows that biodynamics works … and works with the Earth, the land, to do the most appropriate thing. This seems to be soooooo hard for many people to accept.

I suspect (with my psychologist’s hat on!) (yes, I am one!) this has to do with people feeling out of control if they allow that our 4.5+ billion year old planet might actually be able to exist and maybe even live really well without human intervention! She did, after all, manage pretty well without us up to say 1 million years ago. But, biodynamics is a way we can help without sticking all four of our great clodhopping feet in it and causing enormous cock-ups like global warming and climate change and species extinction etc.

So, back to the rough grassland … using the preps, with an ounce of nous and understanding, and the help of the star calendar, will help the rough grassland to be what it needs to be for the owls, and the mammals, and the insects, and the other birds, and the invertebrates, and that incredible thing the miccorhiza.

If you have a bit of grass you could turn over to rough and wildflowers and all that stuff, do give it a go. And use the preps on it. It’s really good to just sit with it, thinking of nothing in particular and letting pictures and ideas drift across the brain too. Likely you’ll get ideas of just how to work with that patch. Nothing is impossible … unless we decide it must be 🙂