Using BD Preps in EVERY form of gardening

I’m passionate about biodynamics. I’d love as many folk as possible to work this way. It’s easy, cheap and sooooo effective. And the Earth likes it.

Steiner said, “The preparations need to be used on as much of the Earth’s surface as possible.” I love this. Steiner doesn’t talk about one thing as opposed to another. He doesn’t use the concept of either/or … he’s talking about and/and, this and that, not this or that! The and/and principle is central to my life too.

I garden organically … and biodynamically. I work the permaculture way in most of my garden … and I put the biodynamic preparations on the permaculture as well as on the 3 veg beds where I work with crop rotation. The techniques all work beautifully together. The raspberries, apples, and the climbing beans and peas in forest garden thrives with the preps. So do the roses and crab apples and the damsons and cherries.

Organic gardening works. Permaculture works, and it’s very close to what the Earth herself does as well as how our hunter-gatherer and pastoralist ancestors worked. Biodynamics works with both of these and, as Steiner said, you can (and should) add the preps to every part of the Earth. She loves it! It helps her make strong, healthy, well-structured soil that’s rich in humus and high in biological activity … all prerequisites for a sustainable bio-system for plants, animals, insects, fish, everything. And this is true wherever the soil is … even under the sea! Or in rivers! Friends of mine who are ecologists use it, they work on the edge of the ocean with salmon runs and enormous mountains covered in forest … real permaculture and as organic as you can be while still coping with world pollution! They tell me how well the biodynamic preparations help there.

For me it isn’t a case of either/or, of choosing between various types of organic horticulture. I use several, the ones that suit the things I want to grow. Like Steiner, I don’t differentiate between vegetables and flowers, or lawns or shrubs or trees and everything else. He talks about putting the preparations on as much of the surface of the Earth as possible and my little garden, all of it, is part of the surface of the Earth. His concept is holistic, his work is about being whole, about everything being a part of everything and this really appeals to my philosophy and view of life.

I’m completely in favour of the and/and approach.