Making Meadows

wildflower meadows 1

Meadows 2014

Last year I made some small meadows in what had been the lawn. They worked very well, both looking and feeling quite amazing to be in. this year I’m taking them further. I’m not going to do “real” wildflower meadows, I no longer have the strength or stamina to maintain them and No! in most people’s terms wildflower meadows are not easy maintenance! But you can do really valuable stuff for bees and butterflies as well as your own delight with some of the more usual flowers like yarrow, daisies and asters, cosmos, and all sorts of other things including summer and autumn flowering bulbs.

One of my favourite famous garden designers, and Jo’s too, is Piet Oudolf and others he’s inspired like Dan Pearson, Beth Chatto and Noel Kingsbury. They inspire me but I don’t copy them just read them and look at their pictures for ideas. It’s also a case for patience. Gardens are themselves and somehow know what they want, how they want to be, what they want to grow, how they want to look. All the best gardeners take their time to watch and feel into what the garden wants. I began this last year and got a feel for it. Now, this year, I’m delving further in. It’s really exciting, I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

I’ll write some about this while I’m actually doing it in April and May. But you know, gardens are always and continuously “works in progress” *smile*

Oxey daisies with red admiral butterfly

Coloured Yarrows




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