17 Mar 2015 Weeding

20150318_130140Lovely day in the garden with Jo Ward-Ellison. We cleared a large bed and around half of the pond bank. You can now see through and across the beds and glimpse other parts of the garden. This is what magical gardens are about for me – like stories you get hints, tastes, teases of the next thing but never the whole. Chopin says it rather well of his music, “I indicate and suggest, then leave the listener to fill in the details”. For both Jo and me this is what we do with gardens … except we don’t leave it to the garden-explorer to fill in the details but do it ourselves. We just don’t let them see it until they get there *smile*

The remains of last year’s flowers, leaves and plants are beautiful over the winter as they stand silvered by frost but now, at the beginning of spring, they’re tired, they won’t to go back to the earth, become soil again and make their way up to become plants again. Spring is the time when we see the earth rebirth herself … it’s a grand season. Jo and I helped it along today with our weeding. We started lots of compost from the remains of the plants we pulled out as we cleared the beds and the pond bank.

IMAG2056Later, well quite soon really, in the next month even, the forget-me-nots will flower and there will be a sea of misty blue under the newly leafing trees. But, for now, the soil is bare, but not for long! I’ve got some new plants, grown on over the winter, to go in so today’s weeding also had the purpose of making new homes for the young plants coming on. This is a picture of how it will look very soon.

20150318_130238We had our lunch-break outside too, up on the little hillock I made fifteen years ago from the spoil when we dug the pond. We cleared that last time, uncovered the paving that had been covered with leaves from the ash and walnut trees that overshadow it as well as weeding the bed.

20150318_130449The spring flowers are coming along there too and the dark red hellebores are flowering well. 20150318_130505The daffs are shining golden but the snowdrops have gone over and are in perfect condition for splitting. I gave a bucketful to Jo as she hasn’t as many as I do. That’s another lovely thing about gardening – sharing! She’d got some stuff for me when I pop over to her garden on Monday! We loved sitting in the place we’d cleared, weeded and prepared last time. We felt “We did this! And it feels really great!”

We’ll be working together in the garden again at the beginning of April … *smile*

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