Mid-March in the Garden

It’s not as warm as March can be so I’m still feeling a bit unsure about sowing seeds directly into the ground. I’ve got a large wildflower nursery bed I want to so – it’s currently warming up under a load of sheep-fleece – but I’m still not feeling quite happy about the idea.

Biodynamic Barrel PreparationAs a bit of a warm-up process I think I’ll do a cow-pat-pit stirring and put that on the beds I want to sow. It really does help and gets the worms shunting the soil around too, loosening it up and making it really useful to seeds and young plants. I think I’ll do it on the beds I want to plant up with the young seedling peas and beans too, give them a good start.

I really want to get young stuff out there, in the garden, in the soil. It’s much better for them than living in pots, on the other hand they’ve got a good start indoors, in the pots, in the warm. The first sowing of peas and beans are coming along really well, the peas are even climbing the sticks I gave them, but they will do better in the outdoor air and light and soil.

And another thought … the coming weekend is the Spring Equinox. And it’s the full moon, and a super-moon, i.e. the moon and the Earth are as close as they can be without having a crash :-). And there’s an eclipse which I’ll be able to see from the garden, an 80%+ covering of the moon too. I think waiting until after this rather fabulous weekend to give the plants new homes will be a good idea!

Have a good gardening time and a wonderful eclipse 🙂


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