Helping the soil & bugs with BD Preps

As you know, I’ve been sowing seeds and potting on young plants over the past couple of weeks. As well as all the usual stuff like preparing the potting compost mix I also do some BD (biodynamics) at the same time.horn manure

When you sow a seed its main thing is to get its roots going so it can begin to draw up food and water from the soil. The food its parent gave it within the seed itself enables it to get going once it is touching soil and has some warmth and moisture. Then it gets its first green spike up with the initial cotyledons going so it can do some photosynthesis and make itself some food. It will, by now, have used up all the food the seed originally contained.

vortex1To help all this along I do a 500 stirring – that’s the horn manure preparation that works with the soil and the mycorrhizae to help the plants feed properly in the soil. You need to choose a root day in your growing time (depending whether you’re northern or southern hemisphere) and do the stirring in the afternoon. I did mine on 27th Feb, the first (and only) root day of my current northern growing season. I put the 500 directly onto the potting compost mix itself, before I sow the seeds, or pot on the plants. I’ve now got a barrow-load of the potting mix that’s had a dose of the 500 so it’s in good nick for both jobs.

I also gave the potting mix a dose of cow-pat-pit mix as well. This is made of the compost preps and can be done at any time of the year as it’s not dependent on the Star Calendar. It does a really grand job of helping the soil.