What I grow for food


Courgette flowers & fruit

Like most of us, there are some foods I really love and some I like less and some I really don’t get on with at all. In the garden, as I get older and more decrepit, I only grow what I really, really like. This year it’s …
• Peas
• Broad beans
• Spinach
• Carrots
• Lettuce – loose leaf
• Courgettes
• Leeks


I’ve never yet succeeded in growing garlic – don’t know what I do that it doesn’t like but it always gets so far then turns turtle on me! Onions I grow sometimes, and may do again this year. I do them from seed and straight into the bed, using the thinnings for salad along with the thinnings from the carrots. I don’t find onions from seed hard work it’s just a case of getting around to it … and you know how hard it is to get a round tooit!

I may grow some kale too, I like kale and its worst problem is caterpillars eating it. If – and it’s quite rare! – I grow brassicas I always do so under netting to stop the butterflies laying there in the first place. I also grow a couple of sacrificial brassicas for the butterflies and their caterpillars as well! I only need a couple of plants for me so it doesn’t have to take up much room and the old ones, if they make it through the frost as mine usually do (they get wrapped up) will sprout nicely for some early leaves. Must go and check how last year’s plants are doing.


Rocket flowers

Last year’s spinach-leaf-beat is coming back to life now, there’ll be a few salad leaves soon. Hopefully the rocket will come along soon too. I don’t bother sowing that as it self-sows beautifully and grows where it feels happiest – rarely in any bed I’ve carefully prepared! It enjoys the rough places like the paths and in between brick edging and grows really well there – who am I to tell it what it needs LOL, let it do its thing and grow happily where it chooses. Its flowers are very pretty and deliciously peppery to add to salads as well as making the salad look good.



Must get some nasturtiums in – in pots maybe to start as it’s still damned cold out there! – for more salad flowers. The pot marigolds are coming along fine and again survived our mild winter so there’ll be some lovely orange petals to eat soon. I saw a budding flower when I was potting on the veg yesterday.


hardy geraniums

And I have to protect the young geranium shoots from the rabbits – must get out there with the net! They too are delicious in salads as well as looking gorgeous. My middle-aged cats have decided that catching rabbits is no longer their thing so I’m now inundated with the furry things! If I could shoot there would definitely be rabbit on the menu!