Biodynamic Wine

Mike & Claudia Weersing talk about the wines of Pyramid Valley Vineyards which he and his wife have developed …

Mike Weersing and his wife make their Pyramid Valley Vineyards<br /><br /><br />
wines with great care in New Zealand.

“I worked with conventional, organic and biodynamic producers,” he said. “They were all doing careful, brilliant work.… But the reason we decided to farm biodynamically was that the BD producers always had the best fruit. I thought, it’s late in life (I was 35), and we’re not going to have the chance to do this again. We might as well do this as well as we possibly can. Also, my wife said, ‘After all these places you’ve worked, I’ve noticed that the biodynamic domaines seem to be the happiest places. The staff are all smiling, the marriages seem more robust, the dogs are wagging their tails.’ ”

I really enjoyed this article … and I really enjoy biodynamic wine :-). Give it a read and see what you think …