Biodynamic at Garden Organic !!!

BD garden at Garden organicYesterday I was in Stroud as those of you reading my other blog will know. I hitched a lift to Stroud with my husband, Paul, who was going to a biodynamic meeting there to talk about the make-over he proposed for the biodynamic garden that’s a part of Garden Organic at Ryton.

This is a picture of the basic structure of the garden – as you can see, it needs a really good planting plan. The garden was first built on 2007 but unfortunately it fell into neglect as there was no-one to maintain and care for it. That looks set to change now. Paul (husband) along with top people from the BDA and from Garden Organic are putting together a plan that looks as though it will bring the garden back to life.

I hope go up a bit later in the year to have a look around and help Paul get things going. I know there’s to be a “weeding party” organised which will help discover what has made it through the wilderness years and what has not. This will make it possible to design a new planting plan that incorporates the survivors and adds lots of new interest.

I’m really hoping they’ll be able to offer courses there too … watch this space!