Sowing Seeds – batch 1

20150228_171720[1]I used some of the mole-earth to sow some early veg seed – Fletham First early peas, Aquadulce broad beans and some old courgette seeds I had left over from last year (which may not germinate!). They’re coming along well … except for the courgettes! I probably need to buy some new seed for these :-).

It’ll be time next week to sow the next batch as I adore peas and broad beans so I need successive batches. Sowing them about 2 weeks apart is usually right. I’ll be back to that barrow of stored mole-earth to prepare some more sowing compost – my mix is …

  • 5 parts mole-earth
  • 2 parts sand
  • 1 part homemade compost

It makes a nicely draining mix with not too much fertility. Too much knocks the seeds out, they already contain lots of oomph (like eggs) to keep them going through the first bit of germination. Potting-on mix has more oomph as the young plants have eaten all their seed goodness and need to draw food from the soil.

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